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Easy-to-use, more accessible websites start with the content and design.

We know that web accessibility can be a daunting subject for smaller businesses. Yet another item on the ever-growing to-do list. We can help. So that instead of waving bye-bye to users with access needs, you and your website visitors can spend your time making smiley faces!

How can we help you?

I’m not sure if my website is accessible.

I don’t know how to fix the access problems on my website.

I need a new, more accessible website.

Homepage audit

We can audit and report on the accessibility of your website homepage or a sample of pages. We check the content readability, design and build using automated and manual testing methods.
2 pages from an audit report showing the traffic light colours to prioritise actions
Once your audit is complete, you will get an easy-to-read report that details quick fixes, with items marked by priority and impact on the user experience.

We will have a call to debrief, giving you an opportunity to ask about any of the findings.
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Intrigued? Get in touch to learn more!
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“A fantastic way of checking your shop window to make sure you are being accessible... especially if you promote yourself as an inclusive business.”

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Sarah Dena, Director of Learning
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Website fix-up

Love your website, but know it doesn't work well for everyone? We can edit and improve accessibility on your current website. Design and content changes that seem small can make a huge difference to accessibility.

If your website uses WordPress or WebFlow, we can help.
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The exact cost depends on your needs.

Web design packages

Each website we design and build is responsive and works well on different device sizes, including mobile. We focus on accessibility from the planning stage through to the design and build.

Accessibility in Content

Content is written and structured for readability and screen reader use. Reading level considerations are based on the target audience and user research.

Accessibility in Design

Typestyles are chosen for legibility. Colour contrast checked. All imagery is included with appropriate Alt tags. Links and buttons are communicated with consideration for vision-impaired users.

Accessibility in Development

We build with WordPress, with auto and manual accessibility testing before launch. Your website will work with screen readers and keyboard-only navigation.
A beautiful 1-page website (like this one) with blogging functionality. Ideal for small businesses or start-ups.
Bespoke website design built for WordPress. Everything you need to launch and grow your business.
For complex or larger websites with specific or more detailed requirements. Call us to chat through what you need.
Each client is different. Each project is different. You’ll get an individual quote based on your business needs before work starts.

What’s in it for me?

Making your website accessible to as many people as possible is objectively the right thing to do. But it can also be beneficial to your business.
Did you know
Over 70% of disabled users will leave a website immediately if it’s not accessible to them.
The online spending power of people with access needs in the UK is worth £24.8 billion a year.
About us

We design and build websites for purpose-led organisations that give a s*** about people.

Marvellous Humans design and build more accessible WordPress websites for businesses and organisations that care about their customers.
Lou smiling in a bright, stripey top with a graffiti wall in the background.

Hi, I'm Lou Jennings,
Founder of Marvellous Humans.

As a designer I make it easy for purpose-led businesses to improve the accessibility of their website. Increasing their reach (by being inclusive and designing for disabilities) and making sure their business is practising the values they preach.

With a passion for design and lived experience of specific access needs, there's so much I can do to help you make the most of your website and ensure it is in line with current accessibility legislation.

Our projects are custom-designed, with content created or curated to aid accessibility. No simple themes or templates here!

I know that your website is an investment in your business. I invite you to get in touch and see how we can make web accessibility easier for you.
I believe:
The internet was designed to be accessible. “Access by everyone regardless of disability” according to Tim Berners-Lee.
A website can look good, attract customers AND work well for users with access needs.
A professional website that is accessible to users, should also be priced so that it is accessible to business owners.

Want to discuss your project?
Drop me a line.